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No-Tax Returns Required Mortgages: Tailored for Business Owners

Boathouse Commercial Funding Group, a licensed Michigan lender, recognizing the unique financial needs of business owners, offers specialized No-Tax-Required Primary Residence, Second Home and Investment property first-mortgages. These mortgage solutions are ideal for entrepreneurs who might not have traditional income verification methods such as tax returns.

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Advantages of Our No-Tax Returns Required Mortgages:

No Tax Returns Needed: Understanding that tax returns might not always represent the financial strength of business owners, we don’t require them for your mortgage application.

Alternative Income Verification Methods: We accommodate different forms of income documentation, including:

    • Bank Statements: Use your personal or business bank statements as proof of income.
    • Profit and Loss (P&L) Statements from your CPA: Show the financial performance of your business.
    • 1099 Forms: Suitable for independent contractors or freelancers as income evidence.

Key Features for Business Owners:


Documentation Flexibility

Our approach allows for a range of documentation, making the mortgage process more accessible.


Competitive Mortgage Solutions

Tailored to meet the unique needs of business owners.


Expert Guidance

Benefit from our deep understanding of the financial landscape tailored to your property ambitions.

If you are a business owner in search of financing for your business, contact us today to receive a free consultation.

How Our No-Tax Required Mortgages Work:

Property Insurance

Simplified Application Process

We've streamlined our process to ensure you can secure financing swiftly and efficiently.

Short - Term

Customized Mortgage Options

Whether for a primary residence, a second home, or investment property, our mortgages are designed to suit your specific needs.

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FAQs for No-Tax Required Mortgages

These mortgages are designed for business owners who may not have standard tax returns for income verification, offering a more adaptable loan application process.

Acceptable documentation includes personal and business bank statements, P&L statements, and 1099 forms.

No, tax returns are not required for our No-Tax Required Mortgages, ensuring a more accommodating process for business owners.

Yes, our No-Tax Required Mortgages are available for both primary residences and second homes, regardless of traditional income proof.