Due to overwhelming response to our programs, and in order to keep the service we provide to our current clients at its optimum, we have suspended adding additional brokers at this time.  Thank you for your interest. Please check back quarterly.

Building a Strong Broker Team

Here at Boathouse Commercial Funding Group, our team members are an integral part of our business. Our salespeople work hard to help businesses choose and secure the right financing for different situations. As such, we strive to build a team of qualified individuals capable of meeting our client’s needs so we can create a strong referral and broker program.

Reasons To Work With Us

Our goal is to provide businesses with the funding they need to achieve objectives and grow in the marketplace. To do that, we need team members that can carry out our mission. We rely on your hard work to help our clients, which is why we offer the following benefits in exchange:

  • Generous commissions for your work
  • Extensive resources to obtain funding
  • Payment protection for referrals
  • Timely payments for closing loan agreements
  • Return clients with reciprocal referrals

People We Need On Our Team

Solving a client’s financial needs is not always an easy task, but having the right kind of people on board can make the process better. That is why we hire individuals for our referral and broker program who can put our clients at ease and lead them to the solution that fits their business. So if you have the following qualities, you’re just the person we’re looking for:

  • Friendly
  • Good listener
  • Problem solver
  • Organized
  • Driven
  • Ambitious

Get In Touch With Us

We are in the business of helping clients obtain the necessary funding to succeed and we need team members who can be part of that process. If you believe you meet the qualities of a good sales person and want to work with a team that helps business, we want to hear from you. Get in touch with us to find out more about the aspects of being part of our referral and broker program, or schedule an interview to be part of our team today.