Non-Recourse Loan Expertise with Boathouse Commercial Funding Group

Navigating secure financing with our specialized Non-Recourse Loan solutions for IRA, 401K, and Trust borrowers.

A Non-Recourse Loan is a secured loan where the borrower is not personally liable for the debt. Instead, the loan is secured only by the collateral, typically the property itself. 

Purpose: Ideal for real estate investors and developers who prioritize risk management, Non-Recourse Loans offer protection against personal liability in the event of loan default and used mainly when the borrowing entity is an IRA, 401k, or trust.

Benefits: With Non-Recourse Loans from Boathouse, enjoy enhanced asset protection, potential tax benefits, and financing that aligns with your risk profile.

Why Michigan Investors Choose Boathouse’s Non-Recourse Loans:

  • Local Expertise: Boathouse’s deep understanding of Michigan’s real estate market ensures tailored solutions for every client.
  • Asset Protection: Our Non-Recourse Loans ensure your personal assets remain untouched, even in default scenarios.
  • Flexible Terms: Every investment is unique. We craft our loan terms to align with your project’s specifics.
  • Competitive Rates: Boathouse’s industry connections guarantee competitive rates, enhancing your project’s viability.

How Non-Recourse Loans Work:

  • Collateral-Centric: The loan is secured solely by the collateral, typically the real estate asset.
  • No Personal Liability: In case of default, lenders can only claim the collateral and not pursue the borrower’s personal assets.
  • Typical Uses: Often used for large commercial properties, multifamily units, and real estate developments.
  • Repayment: Structured repayments tailored to the project’s cash flow and profitability.


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