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Hard Money Loans – Unlock Rapid Real Estate Financing

If you are a business owner in search of financing for your business, contact us today to receive a free consultation.

Fast-Track Your Real Estate Projects with Hard Money Loans

At Boathouse Commercial Funding Group, we specialize in Hard Money Loans, providing you with the swift financial support you need to thrive in Michigan’s dynamic real estate market. Our Hard Money Loans are short-term, asset-based solutions, perfect for when traditional mortgages aren’t viable options.

Why Choose Boathouse’s Hard Money Loans?


Rapid Financing

Tailored for real estate investors requiring quick funding, our Hard Money Loans ensure you never miss an investment opportunity.


Flexible Terms

Each deal is unique, and so are our loans. We provide terms that are tailored to the specific needs of your project.


Collateral-Based Approval

Loan amounts are based on the property’s value, enabling faster approvals with less emphasis on your credit history.


Local Market Mastery

Our deep understanding of Michigan’s real estate landscape translates into valuable insights for every transaction.

If you are a business owner in search of financing for your business, contact us today to receive a free consultation.

Bridge Loans: The Perfect Transitional Financing Solution

Bridge Loans are an integral part of our Hard Money lending services, offering a temporary financial bridge until permanent financing is secured. These are ideal for:

  • Covering Gaps: Useful in scenarios where immediate cash is needed but the primary source of funding is still in process.
  • Versatile Financing: Suitable for various real estate transactions, including property purchases and refinancing.

Fix and Flip Financing: Propel Your Property Flipping Success

Our Fix and Flip financing options are a cornerstone of our Hard Money lending. Tailored for 1-4 family and Multi-Family projects, these loans are crafted to support:

  • We can fund up to 90% of the purchase price and 100% of the rehab funds.
  • Renovation and Resale Projects: Ideal for purchasing properties that require renovation before they can be sold for a profit.
  • Quick Turnarounds: Designed to provide fast funding for projects with a short investment horizon.
  • We will finance first-time hobby flippers to highly experience full-time flippers.
  • We are the only lender in Michigan doing rural rehab loans. 

How Our Hard Money Loans Work:

Property Insurance


Loan amount is based on property value, not solely on borrower creditworthiness.

Short - Term


Loan terms typically range from 6-24 months catering to immediate financing needs.


Speedy Transactions

Experience quick closings, typically within 7-15 days, to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities.



Typically Interest-only payments with a balloon payment at the end or upon the sale of the property.

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Frequently asked questions

Our Hard Money Loans can finance a wide array of properties, including residential, commercial, and land. We can even bundle properties for larger funding needs.

They are ideal for real estate investors, property flippers, borrowers in default, and anyone needing quick financing for time-sensitive projects.

Bridge Loans are short-term, designed to ‘bridge’ the gap between immediate funding needs and securing long-term financing.

This financing is tailored for short-term renovation and resale projects, providing funds for purchase and improvement of properties before flipping them for a profit.