The Qualities You Need in a Business Partner

To grow your independent company into a roaring success, you need an ally by your side. When seeking a business partner, though, not just anyone will do. You need a collaborator who meshes with your personality, shares the same goals and is highly dependable. Here are the characteristics you should look for when considering who you want as your co-pilot.


Creating a business is not merely about earning a paycheck. It is the pursuit of a dream and an attempt to turn a passion into a living. Imagine trying to realize that fantasy while toiling alongside someone who bolts for the door every time the clock hits five. It is critical that you align yourself with a person who feels as strongly about your ideas as you do. Product evaluations are impossible without an assessor who is genuinely interested. Likewise, a natural affinity for what you are selling is essential to carving out a creative corporate vision. Find a fanatic who is intimately familiar with every detail concerning your stock and trade.


More and more, the key to survivability in business is flexibility. With technology affecting nearly every industry, change occurs at a faster pace than ever before. Hire an individual who is unafraid to take sharp turns. When it becomes evident that your plan is not working or conditions change, you need an accomplice who is willing to come along for the ride. Uncertainty is a natural element of any startup, so embrace a business partner that is adept at shifting strategies and facing challenges.


Without the truth, there is no way to accurately execute situational assessments and take appropriate corrective measures. If your right hand is hesitant to confront difficult realities, a lack of disclosure will inevitably cause you to waste time. Even worse, you might make poor decisions that cause your venture permanent damage. Those who lack ethics may even steal or create conditions that result in litigation. Only share responsibility with those you implicitly trust. If you cannot imagine feeling comfortable leaving a candidate alone in your house or business, decide upon another.

Keep in mind that your abilities should be complementary. You do not need another worker who embodies your exact talents. Select a companion whose strengths lie where yours are lacking. While it is great to work with a business partner you enjoy calling a friend, interpersonal affinity is comparatively unimportant. Trumping that concern is selecting a colleague who can solve problems, shares your goals, and always has your back.

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