Thank you for your Service.

Boathouse Commercial Funding Group was founded by a Veteran of the Somalia Conflict (aka Blackhawk Down).  Therefore, like other Veteran organizations, we hold our Brothers and Sisters in Arms in the highest regard.  We will do everything it takes to insure you get the financing you deserve with respect and integrity.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) used to have a couple of great loan programs specifically for Veterans.  You may have seen them other websites call Patriot Express, or Patriot Advantage.  We can tell you, sadly, that these loan programs are no longer offered.  The only thing different about these the SBA Patriot loans versus traditional SBA loans is that the funding fees were waved for the Veteran.  Everything else was the same (rates, term, qualifications.)

Some of our non-SBA financing sources agree to wave different fees for Veterans (Underwriting fees, processing fees, packaging fees…).  We try and use these sources if it makes financial sense to do so.

For every transaction we finalize with a Veteran, Boathouse commercial Funding Group donates a portion of the proceeds to a Veteran-Based Charity.  Currently we donate to Tunnel to Towers which pays off the mortgages of Servicemembers, Police, and First Responders when killed on duty.

Additional Resources for Veteran Owned Businesses (VOBs)

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