How to Incorporate More Delegation

Whether a leader is in a new position or has been leading teams for years, one of the common themes of management frustration is knowing when to delegate tasks. Delegation can sometimes be tricky, since it involves a level of trust and release of control that is sometimes uncomfortable. Learning how to incorporate more delegation in your business practice can lead to better overall outcomes for the team and increase productivity.

Common Tasks to Delegate

If you’re looking for items to delegate, it can be helpful to start with some of the most common tasks business owners choose to turn over to other entities. These tasks can be accomplished by third-party contracts or by hiring employees specifically to complete these assignments. If you already have a workforce in place, adding internal positions in certain areas can help everyone become more productive.

  • Customer relations. Many business owners prefer to delegate customer service-related tasks. Hiring representatives that excel on the front end of service can help a business gain a customer-oriented reputation. 
  • Web development. An excellent web presence can be vital for a company, so hiring a design expert for web design and maintenance can give you an advantage over competitors. 
  • Marketing. Although traditional marketing methods are still relevant, many business owners choose hire an individual who is experienced in social media marketing to increase social media presence. 
  • Bookkeeping. Since keeping financial records can involve a specific skillset, accounting tasks are one of the most commonly delegated areas for business owners. 

Outsourcing as an Alternative

Delegation can take different forms. Some business owners choose to expand their workforce by hiring employees to complete specific tasks. Other owners decide to hire out contractors for these tasks instead. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so if you decide you need to delegate tasks be sure to weigh the pros and cons. Taking on an internal workforce involves the duties of an employer as well as an owner, but hiring out contractors for these roles gives you less control over the procedures and outcomes.

Part of being a business owner is recognizing when you need outside help for tasks that have become too numerous or in areas you do not have experience in. Choosing to delegate these tasks, whether you hire a staff of employees or outsource to contractors, can keep your company running smoothly and reduce your the stress for your daily operations.

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