Build Your Customer Base Buy Offering Them Financing

If you are not offering your customers a means to pay with their credit cards, we have a quick and easy system that will allow you to do so. This system includes credit card processing, card readers, integration into your accounting software, and low processing fees.

If you already are accepting credit cards, then offering your customer’s a consumer credit card, or other consumer finance products (ex: two-years the same as cash), is a great way for businesses to attract and retain loyal customers. You can increase your sales while your customers get to enjoy goods and services they may not have been able to afford otherwise. Boathouse Commercial Funding Group believes in fostering that mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and their customers and offers consumer finance products that can help it flourish.

Our Pledge

At Boathouse Commercial Funding Group, we promise to provide excellent financial products and superior customer service to your customers of all sizes. We honor that pledge through our consumer finance programs by offering:

  • Simple and easy program enactment
  • Comprehensive training for you and your staff
  • Fast decisions and consistent approvals
  • Generous credit limits
  • E-Signature support

Our terms also benefit your customers. They enjoy a simple and easy application process, quick decisions on approval, and ample credit to make purchases. If approved, they can finance more expensive items with reasonable and predictable monthly payments.

Getting Started

Contact Boathouse Commercial Funding Group to learn more about our consumer finance products. A member of our team will give you a no-obligation analysis at no cost to you. You will enjoy exceptional customer service from the first phone call and for the duration of our partnership with your company.