3 Most Important Leadership Qualities

For some, leadership is a quality that comes naturally, and for others, it is a trait that is learned through experience. Still, just like any other attribute, there are features you can improve on to become a more formidable figurehead. Keep reading for a few essential qualities that every great leader possesses.

1. Courage

It takes a lot of courage to be a leader and stand for a group of people that trust you. Leadership is about having the guts to make tough decisions, even if it means upsetting people along the way. You can think of outstanding public figures throughout history, like Martin Luther King Jr. and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who had the tenacity to step out of their comfort zone and fight for what they believed in so strongly. It is certainly no mean feat to be courageous, but those who are have the makings of a great leader.

2. Accountability

Those who excel in leadership understand the importance of keeping themselves and those around them accountable for their actions. You never saw Michael Jordan miss an opportunity to better himself, and he surely let those around him know if they weren’t doing the same. One of the most challenging aspects of leadership is feeling the weight of responsibility on your shoulders. But, as a leader, you will not be able to run away from being responsible.

3. Excellent Work Ethic

Leaders have big shoes to fill and are expected to perform day in and day out. This means you will have to be the hardest worker in the room to set a level of expectation for those that you want to look up to you. Putting in the effort to become the best at your trade is how you get others to respect you. It may take time to get to that point, but the benefits of being a great leader are well worth the while. Earning the respect of your peers is the most time-consuming factor to becoming a pacemaker, but also the most fruitful.

Whether in a work setting or dealing with situations outside of the office, every person plays a role in how things happen. Those with more alpha-type personalities are more predisposed to leadership, but that is not to say you can’t be a great role model if you are timider. Some leaders lead with words, while others lead with actions. But, the strongest leaders do both.

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